Unit Size
BOAT 12 X 25
BOAT 12 X 35
RV 10 X 35
RV 12 X 40
RV 12 X 50
RV 12 X 35
SQ Feet
Per Month
RV & Boat Storage
MH 15 X 60
Storing and Winterizing your RV

1. Fill all tires to the maximum pressure listed on the sidewalls.

2. Drain and clean all holding tanks.

3. Using low-pressure air, purge all the water lines and open all valves.

4. Put Antifreeze in the water lines: Use RV Non-Toxic Antifreeze ONLY.

5. Drain the icemaker and the washing machine, if the RV has these appliances.

6. Clean the air-conditioning filters.

7. Top all the batteries with distilled water and bring to a full charge.
Then, disconnect the batteries and store them in a warm place, if possible.

8. Add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel and start up the motor and generator for 30 minutes.

9. For a motor home, start up the engine and use a fogging oil to coat the cylinder
heads, following directions on the can. This prevents rusting of the cylinder headers.

10. Be sure that all food, cans and aerosol cans have been removed from the RV.



* Our public storage includes 77 indoor Boat/MH units
and 50 canopy-covered RV units on a paved asphalt surface.
(Caughlin Ranch CC&R's prohibits boats, RV's and trailers to be parked at
caughlin resident homes.)
*SPACE SIZE: Advertised space sizes are approximate and for comparison
purposes only. Spaces may be smaller or larger than advertised. Spaces are not
rented by the square foot, and rent is not based on square foot measurments.