* Our Wine Cave includes 243 storage units which are
climate controlled to 57 degrees with 70 percent humidity.
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Why should I store wine?
Many people store wine because of its
investment value. During the last few
years, the value of wine purchased
young and properly stored has
increased many times over. With the
increasing popularity of wine, this
trend is expected to continue to grow.

Many people work on a rotation
system, storing wine for their own
consumption in future years. The best
system is to buy fine wines upon
release and properly store them until
they mature.

Why is temperature control important to wine storage?
Wine experts agree that two of the most important factors in wine storage are
temperature and temperature consistency. It is generally agreed that around
55 F is the optimum storage temperature for most wines. Fluctuations,
particularly repeated fluctuations, are considered to be most injurious to the

Warmer temperatures age wine too rapidly while cooler ones, too slowly.
Researchers at the Department of Viticulture and Enology at the University of
California in Davis, have shown that the maturity rate of wine doubles for every
10 F, (e.g., wine held at 75 F matures four times as rapidly as wine held at
55 F). They have also shown that if wine ages too rapidly, an excessive
amount of fruitiness can be lost, along with other forms of quality decline. This
is why it is important to hold wine at a temperature which assures the proper
rate of maturity.

Older, mature wines can be most delicate and it is, therefore, critical to hold
them at the proper temperature to ensure the life of the wine. Wine which is
stored in a fluctuating temperature condition such as commonly experienced
between day and night temperatures in many homes and apartments,
threatens considerable damage to the wine during the maturing process.

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